Peer review

Manuscripts submitted to “Biomics” are subject to mandatory single-blind peer review. Editorial Board has the right to decline manuscripts that do not follow aims and scope of the journal without review. The decision is announced to author as soon as possible. Review of manuscripts is carried out by members of the Editorial Board and invited reviewers — leading experts in the relevant field. The decision on the choice of a reviewer is made by the Editor-in-chief, Deputy editor-in-chief, Executive Secretary. The reviewer can refuse to review in case of a clear conflict of interest affecting the perception and interpretation of the manuscript. Every stage (3 stages maximum) of reviewing process does not exceed 3 weeks, but at the request of the reviewer it can be extended.

Following the review of the manuscript, the reviewer makes justified decision on the future of the manuscript:

to accept the manuscript for publication in the present form;

to accept the manuscript for publication after correcting the shortcomings noted by the reviewer;

to reject the manuscript;

to submit the manuscript to the journal of another profile.

Each reviewer fills special form provided by Editorial Board. This form becomes available to authors along with the decision, except the part intended to be shown only to the Editorial Board. If there are recommendations for revision of the manuscript, the editorial Board proposes to take them into account when preparing a new version of the manuscript.

Revision of the article should not take more than two months from the announcement of the decision. If the authors do not return the revised version after three months after receiving the review, the Editorial Board declines the manuscript. The authors will be notified of the withdrawal of the manuscript due to the expiration of the revision period.

The decision to decline the manuscript and reviews are sent to the author via e-mail. Declined manuscripts are not accepted for re-consideration.