To ensure objectivity, each manuscript is evaluated by independent reviewers. The journal "Biomics" practices one-sided anonymous "blind" review by three reviewers. The review period should usually not exceed three weeks at each of the possible stages of the review of the manuscript, but depending on the situation and at the request of the reviewer, it can be extended for a short time. To obtain the most complete and objective review of the manuscript, the editorial board has developed a special form for peer-reviewers, with which the authors of the article will then be familiarized with the exception of the part intended only for the editorial board. The received reviews of the manuscripts of the articles are kept in the editorial office of the journal for five years. Reviews of manuscripts are not published in the public domain and are used only for the internal document flow of the editorial office, including correspondence with the authors.

The editorial board reserves the right to reject manuscripts that do not correspond to the journal's profile without a review.